Zenith Young Artists

We are excited to announce that we will again have a side-by-side performance opportunity with our Zenith musicians. Selected students will sit on a stand with one of our Zenith performers for a rehearsal on Thursday, June 9, and performance during our grand finale on Saturday, June 11. The selected Zenith Young Artists will also be featured on our website. Auditions and all materials are due by May 1st, 2022. The Zenith Side-by-Side Performance is open to all pre-college students.

Recorded audition videos must include the following:

  • Student musician introduction (stating full name and name of solo to be performed)
  • 60-90 seconds of a solo of your choice, may be unaccompanied
  • Excerpt 1
  • Excerpt 2

Auditions are submitted through Flipgrid

  • Flipgrid may be used at www.flipgrid.com or through their free app.
  • The Join code for auditions is “9074614c” 
  • Guest Password for the Flipgrid is: “Zenith22”

In addition to a recorded audition, interested students must also complete the Student Performer Application Form and Teacher Recommendation Form.
Zenith Young Artist questions and concerns should be directed to Joyce Beyer (joyce.beyer@drake.edu)

Excerpts can be found in the links below: